In full safety discover the joys of deep-sea diving with our dive center partner « la note bleue” (the blue note).


You will also have the opportunity to spend a level or simply return with your certificate of baptism of diving …




The marvellous Botanical Garden, formerly owned by Coluche, offers a walk through the park in learning the luxuriant vegetation from the Guadeloupe.



You will be amazed by this magic place where you’ll probably make your most beautiful photographs of the plants of the island.



TAM TAM PADDLE, takes you along to discover in the canoe-kayak the lagoon of the Grand Cul-de-Sac-marin, the mangrove, the deserted islets, the barrier of coral, the tropical fishes, the seabirds …

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Au large Fleurs des Iles
Fleurs des îles
Location guadeloupe
Les fleurs des iles
Fleurs des Iles - Ixora rouge Fleurs des Iles - Allamanda mauve Fleurs des Iles - Mussaenda rose Fleurs des Iles - Panache d'officier Fleurs des Iles - Frangipanier Fleurs des Iles - Hibiscus
La mer à Fleurs des Iles
Photos bungalows
Location bungalow Guadeloupe Bungalow de la Guadeloupe Location bungalow Guadeloupe Jardin des bungalows Guadeloupe Piscine des bungalows Guadeloupe Location bungalow Guadeloupe
Plages de Fleurs des Iles
Plage de la Guadeloupe Plage de la Guadeloupe Plage de la Guadeloupe Plage de la Guadeloupe Plage de la Guadeloupe Plage de la Guadeloupe