Deshaies is the ideal city to achieve activities such as walks, diving, hiking in the rain forest and to make your holidays in Guadeloupe most enjoyable.
Wedged between the mountain and the sea, Deshaies is a very nice town. Deshaies is made of a succession of coves and inlets which invite to the relaxation.

Deshaies is also a village of fishermen, but it also shelters some heavenly corners of greenery. The Botanical Garden (formerly owned by Coluche) is one of them.

At the exit of town towards Basseterre (Low-Ground), you can admire “Pointe Batterie” (Point Battery). Indeed, since the early days of colonization, a set of batteries and fortifications was installed in the Village of Deshaies in Guadeloupe, facing the sea.

Basse Terre (Low-Ground) : The green paradise
Once across the bridge of “La Gabarre”, looking South, the contrast is gripping.

Basse Terre, also name of the Prefecture of Guadeloupe, combines all the attractions: the freshness of a tropical mountain with luxuriant vegetation, diving sites well-known for their exceptional deeps and a coastal bordered of fair beaches and brown beaches along the coast under the wind, in Caribbean sea.

Supremely small village of fishermen, Deshaies in Guadeloupe takes its name from “Anse des Yayes” (Cove of Yayes), the name of a river and a cove so called.
Here time seems to stand still. One finds in DESHAIES many picturesque wooden houses in the great tradition of Caribbean.

La Pointe de la Batterie (The Battery Point), located at heights overlooking the town and the bay of the village of Deshaies, as well as the “Pointe Soldat” (Soldier Point), are a coastal battery of the 18th century intented to force back the landing of the enemies, especially those of the English army. Unfortunately in 1804 it did not avoid the looting and the burning of the village of Deshaies by the British.

We particularly recommend the beach of “Grande Anse Deshaies” (Large Cove Deshaies) which according to a general point of view is one of the most beautiful beaches of Guadeloupe.

Afew kilometers from the town of Deshaies away, you can admire a magnificent view down on the beach of “Grande Anse Deshaies” (Large Cove Deshaies). By car, the walk towards the town of Deshaies is wonderful because the road hugs the coast where you can discover the Caribbean Sea. The beaches of the Pearl, Rifflet and Ferry are other very pleasant stops too.

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